End Stage Heart Disease -
Accept Death or Seek Life

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End stage heart disease is a frightening diagnosis!

If you, or loved ones, have received this diagnosis, you undoubtedly realize that you, or they, are critically ill.

The diagnosis isn't given until:

  • there is nothing more medical science can do to help, and
  • the doctors believe the patient has six months or less to live.

Symptoms of End Stage Heart Disease

End Stage Heart Disease symptoms are usually a progression from the symptoms of heart disease you're already dealing with. They include:

  • Pain, at times in the chest, stomach, or all over
  • Dizziness, poor balance, or feeling lightheaded
  • Shortness of breath - at first only with exercise, but as the disease worsens, even at rest, and especially when lying down
  • Swelling, the medical term is edema, of legs, ankles, and at times even the belly... This can cause overnight weight gains of 3 to 5 pounds. The swelling is caused by fluid build-up in body tissues.
  • Severe and constant tiredness and fatigue combined with an inability to sleep (insomnia)
  • lack of appetite resulting in weight loss
  • irregular heart beat, called arrhythmia by doctors
  • chronic mucous producing cough

This list isn't exhaustive, and hardly anyone has every symptom all the time, but these are all characteristics of end stage heart disease. Many people have several, or more, much of the time.

Make Spiritual Health Your Top Priority

Dr. Sinatra Natto PlusThe decision is yours. If you are depending on medical science to provide all the help you need, they will try to make you as comfortable as possible until your appointment with death arrives.

However, please be assured of one thing...

Physical death is not the end of existence. When God breathed into man's nose the breath of life, it meant we will exist somewhere for ever. So the most important question is, where will you be one moment after your appointment with death? This is the most important question for anyone, but with a terminal diagnosis, its importance becomes more obvious.

Physical death is simply separation from your body. It isn't the end of your existence.

If you don't understand what I'm talking about, please read the pages I've written on spiritual health, spiritual death, and spiritual life.

Although we all have an appointment with physical death, and no one knows the time, no one needs to be uncertain about what will happen after that appointment.

If you've read those pages and still have questions, please contact me, or give me a call, and I'll be happy to explain things further. If you click on the preceding link you'll find the information you need to do either.

End Stage Heart Disease -
Supplements Activate Healing

However, although medical science is limited in helping those with end stage heart disease, there are supplements available that will help your body heal.

Money is worthless without life, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying these supplements. The first is an arginine-citruline supplement called pro-argi9-Plus. You can get all the details about how it helps heart disease patients by clicking on the banner below.

Pro-Argi9 Plus helps the body heal from heart health challenges.

Two further supplements are also top recommendations for end stage heart disease. The first is a super food supplement concentrate.

This recently developed supplement enables natural healing by boosting the release of adult stem cells. I highly recommend it for end stage heart disease.
It was developed within the last decade after scientists discovered that the greatest health benefit of blue-green algae (scientific name Aphanizomenon flos-aquae ) was, if you took enough, it enabled your body to release 25 to 30% more stem cells then what you normally released.

Although you needed to take 25 to 30 pills of the super food, which just isn't practical for most people, with the concentrated form, only two pills provide this benefit.

Cutting edge research has also revealed that the higher the level of stem cells circulating in a person's blood stream, the better their ability to overcome any health challenge.

This supplement doesn't cure any disease, but it does enable your body to heal from many health challenges it might not otherwise be able to overcome.

For more details about how it has helped me and my husband, click on the preceding link. That page also gives information about where you can get this supplement.

Finally a companion product made up of anti-oxidants,enzymes, and systemic de-toxifiers helps improve your circulation so that nutrients can reach all body tissues.

Stem Flo is made up of proteolytic enzymes and antioxidants which improve circulation and allow stem cells to reach and rejuvenate damaged tissue all over your body.
It was developed to ensure the higher levels of stem cells, released by using the previous supplement, could reach every body tissue that needed them. For more information about this supplement please read the page on proteolytic enzymes.

These three supplements have all been recently developed. Although no supplement can "cure" disease, God designed our bodies to heal when given the right nutrients.

Each of these supplements provide key nutrients our bodies can use to heal our circulatory systems and hearts. They are my top recommendations to provide hope even in the face of end stage heart disease.

For additional supplements that will also help your circulatory health please read the page I've written on cardiovascular fitness as well as ways to prevent heart disease.

Every step that improves cardiovascular fitness, or helps to prevent heart disease, can also help your heart and circulatory system heal.

Only God knows the plan for our lives, but he expects us to be responsible for our own health. It would be nice if we could get all the nutrition we need from our food, but today that's rarely possible. Wise supplementation can enable your body to heal when it otherwise couldn't.

Medical science doesn't know why one person develops end stage heart disease, while another doesn't. Neither does anyone else for sure, but there is a good possibility that it is related to the differences in nutritional building blocks available to each individual through diet and supplements.

End Stage Heart Disease -Actively Seek Health

Conventional medicine offers drugs to make you comfortable until death arrives.

Nutritional supplements provide your body with the needed tools to heal. You make the choice...

I'm not suggesting you should stop medical treatments, but I do believe you should provide your body with nutritional supplements that will activate healing, if at all possible.

Dr. Whitaker Triveratrol Plus
I suspect wise supplementation with these three important nutrients I've recommended above, might help you heal even though you have been diagnosed with end stage heart disease. However you must choose to invest the money in supplements, and use them, before your health can improve.

I'm hoping and praying you will choose to try them for at least six months, while carefully tracking your health. With this approach you will see how much your heart health, as well as general health, improves. When you do, please let us know so we can share your story with others.

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