Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Diagnosis of Misery

Irritable Bowel Syndrome was the diagnosis...

But,I'm getting ahead of myself.

After ten years of missionary service in Puerto Rico, which I had truly enjoyed, I was forced to come home due to serious health problems.

I saw four or five specialists called Gastroenterologists. They assured me that I was basically healthy! Irritable bowel syndrome wasn't serious, they said, and I'd just have to learn to live with it.

That was easy for them to say!

I kept smiling, but I sure didn't feel well.

  • I felt awful!
  • I had no energy.
  • I had no appetite.
  • I had lost at least fifteen pounds.

I should have been thrilled because I was thinner than I had ever been since my freshman year of college, but I felt too bad to appreciate it.

I had suffered with headaches for years, so I'd learned to eat whether I was hungry or not, but when I did eat, I felt worse.

I felt like if I threw up I might feel better, but I hated to throw up, so I didn't try that solution.

After I ate I felt like someone had inserted an air hose inside me and inflated me. It was sort of like those ads on TV for Gas X where you see the people's whole middle expand. It looks funny, but believe me, it doesn't feel that way.

I felt so bad that if the doctors had told me I had incurable cancer, I would have been relieved! I was horribly miserable, and the doctors assurances that I was "healthy", and irritable bowel syndrome wasn't "serious" made things worse, not better.

Surviving - Just Barely

For several years I learned to do very little but work, eat, and sleep, and I managed to survive.

However, when I decided that if I could work a full time job here, I should be able to return to the mission field, things swiftly came to a head.

When I started trying to travel raising funds to return to the mission field, the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome quickly returned and worsened.

I had a computer in those days, but the internet was still in its infancy. I had no idea how to use it, in fact, I hardly knew it existed. So there was no potential solution there in my mind.

I knew the doctors couldn't help because I'd seen several, so at that point I decided only God could help, and I prayed...

His Answer was in the Mail I Opened, After Praying!

I almost threw it out because I didn't usually pay any attention to health advice from anyone but a doctor.

But as I started to toss it in the trash, it was as though someone in my head said "Wait a minute, didn't you ask for some help?"

I said, "Well, yeah Lord, but you know all these kind of things are just scams!"

He said, "isn't there a money back guarantee? What do you have to lose?"

No, I didn't hear the voice, it was an internal dialog, but that didn't make it any less real.

Nothing to Lose...

After thinking about it for a few minutes, I decided He was right, I didn't have anything to lose except the time to send the stuff back if it didn't work, and possibly return postage.

So I ordered the blue green algae I'd gotten the ad for in the mail. I still didn't really expect it to work on one level, but on another, I know God answers prayer, and I had asked Him for help, so I decided to at least give it a try.

Along with the algae I received some educational materials and two digestive health supplements. One was a probiotic, and the other was a digestive enzyme blend.

The educational materials explained that if my digestion was poor, the super food might not be able to help me, because my digestive system couldn't extract the nutrients it contained.

They told me to start taking the probiotics and stomach enzymes first for a few days, and then gradually add the algae.

The final thing I received with the algae super food, was a diary to track my health for the first thirty days.

It took about a week before I really noticed any difference, but by the end of the month, I was completely convinced that God had answered my prayer.

For the rest of the story please read about gastrointestinal problems , and digestive health supplements to get the full details of the supplements I found that enabled me to overcome irritable bowel syndrome and restore my health.

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