Skin Disease Pictures

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Skin disease pictures aren't that plentiful on the web, which is surprising considering how many skin diseases are out there.

Until I began research for this page, I didn't have a clue how many different skin diseases people deal with, but I quickly realized I couldn't get them all on one page, unless I wanted to make it a book.

So I'm dividing it up into at least three separate pages that deal with different root causes for the diseases. The first page illustrates and explores skin conditions of unknown causes.

This page will picture, and discuss, skin diseases with hormonal, autoimmune, or allergic causes.

Although in depth information about the causes of the diseases, and treatments for them, is beyond the scope of this page, I've begun to write on this topic because of my skin difficulties since chemotherapy treatments for cancer several years ago.

So, you can be sure I do intend to provide more information and help in the future.

Skin Disease Pictures
With Suspected Hormonal Causes

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Melasma, also known as the mask of pregnancy is theorized to have hormonal causes. This picture was taken from Wikipedia, since I've had no personal experience with this condition.

Melasma, pictured to the left, is a condition most frequently affecting pregnant women, although it isn't unheard of in others. It is also referred to as the "pregnancy mask".

It is a tan or dark brown skin blemish that frequently happens to women who are expecting, or are using contraceptives either orally or by patch.

According to Wikipedia, its scientific name is "Chloasma faciei". The condition is diagnosed by the skin discolorations that usually appear on the upper lip, cheeks, and forehead.

Other than the dark blotches, there are no other symptoms of the condition at all. The discolorations usually appear gradually, and grow darker as time passes.

The cause is believed to be an interaction between the female hormones, estrogen and progesterone, and the skin cells that produce skin tone.

It is believed the hormonal interactions cause an unusual sensitivity to sunlight, which results in the discolorations. So, not surprisingly, those who live in areas of intense sunlight are more likely to develop the condition.

It usually disappears on its own after the baby is born, or the hormone replacement therapy is discontinued.

Acne is usually the scourge of adolescence, making growing up harder for already insecure teens. This forhead shot was provided by Wikipedia.

Acne, seen to the left, is usually a result of rapidly increasing sex hormones around the time of puberty, combined with bacterial complications. The hormonal changes result in clogged skin pores which may cause whiteheads or blackheads.

When bacteria also get involved the clogged pores then become infected, causing what we normally call pimples.

I won't go into all the scientific terminology connected with the condition, but it is believed to be caused by an increase in testosterone during puberty.

It usually affects the face, upper back and upper chest primarily, and usually heals by the time a person reaches their early twenties, but there are exceptions to these generalizations.

The picture doesn't show the person's complete face, since this disease can be very embarrassing for many who struggle with it.

Skin Disease Pictures

We don't usually think of our skin as an organ, but in fact, it is the largest in the body. Consequently, it is our first line of defense, and the first place we have problems, if our immune system is out of balance.

These pictures can't convey the embarrassment and emotional trauma these rashes can cause. But if you're struggling with one, I know you can relate.

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Although most of us will get treatment for skin conditions if they are severe enough, it would certainly be preferable to regulate the immune system so our bodies could heal naturally.

I intend to continue researching these skin diseases to find the best natural supplements, to support skin health and avoid the skin disease pictures shown on this page, and the difficulties these health challenges cause.

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