What causes A-fib?

by Jeannie Papadopoulos
(Edmonton AB. Canada)

I have had 10 cardioversions for atrial-fibrillation with tachycardia over a 7 yr period. The cardiologist now has me on Atenolol 25 mg.2 x daily.

So far it is controlling these episodes which were getting worse. I am a 60 yr. old woman in otherwise great health...

But, I hate this drug...

What supplements can you suggest to prevent or improve a condition like this?

WHAT causes this condition?

Mine started with short "afib runs" about 30 yrs ago but got progressively worse until it progressed to full blown a fibrillation episodes.

Drugs in the emergency room didn't work on me, so I had to have cardioversion.

I take Ubiquinol Q10 daily, and lots of vitamins, minerals etc.

It is such a mystery!

I would love to be off this drug!

Answer to "What causes A-Fib?"

What will improve your chances of having a healthy heart?
Atrial Fibrillation can have many causes, but the cause is entirely unknown in a few cases.

In general, it is usually caused by:
  • high blood pressure,
  • any type of heart disease,
  • previous heart surgery,
  • an overactive thyroid or some other metabolic imbalance,
  • an overuse of stimulants,
  • inherited heart problems, or heart rhythm disturbances,
  • lung diseases (or a blood clot in the lungs),
  • viral infections,
  • stress,
  • sleep apnea, or
  • a nervous system disease known as Friedrich's Ataxia.(However, this disease usually affects teens and young adults, so that probably wouldn't be your problem, judging from your previous information.)

You also mentioned you were healthy with the exception of the A-Fib, so I'd imagine that rules out high blood pressure, heart disease, lung disease, and viral infections as well.

The overuse of stimulants would definitely apply to alcohol, in fact Wikipedia said, that middle-aged women, and older, who had more than two alcoholic drinks a day increased their risk of A-Fib by more than 60%.

However, medications, tobacco, and caffeine were also listed in several sources as stimulants that could cause A-Fib in some people. If this is the case for you, simply avoiding the stimulants might well resolve the A-Fib problems fairly rapidly.

Supplements Recommended to Overcome A-Fib

You also asked which supplements I'd recommend for overcoming this problem. Of course, if you know there is a specific cause such as the overuse of caffeine, I'd definitely eliminate that first.

This concentrated super food supplement boosts your ability to release and use your own stem cells.
But if the solution isn't so obvious, or if you've already addressed those issues, and the A-Fib continues to be a problem, I would recommend the concentrated super food supplement that has been such a help to my husband and me. You can get all the details about how it has helped us, by clicking on the preceding link, to read the page I've already written about it.

But, its major advantage is that it helps your body heal by boosting your circulating adult stem cells by 25 to 30% for up to six hours after each dose.

It has been recently proven, in scientific studies, that adult stem cells are one of the major ways your body heals. So if the cause of the A-Fib is unknown, boosting your body's healing ability would seem to be the best way to attack the problem.

A second supplement that might help is a natural zeolite detoxifier called Natural Cellular Defense.

Part of the reason we have so many health challenges without clear causes, is that we have an overload of toxins in our systems due to our toxic modern environment.

These odorless, tasteless drops can be added to any drink. The result will be they will detoxify your body on the cellular level. This total body cleanse is great for helping you overcome health challenges caused by the toxicity of modern life.

If you were struggling with some type of heart disease, and the A-Fib were a secondary problem, I'd also recommend another product called Pro-Argi-9Plus. It helps your body produce more Nitric Oxide which is the circulatory system's master signaling cell. I include it here for other readers who may be in this situation.

You can get the details about this, and other supplements that will help with heart problems by reading the page I've written on cardiovascular fitness previously.

I hope this has answered your questions, but if you have further concerns or comments, they are always welcome.

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